Kelvin Hughes has been providing the world’s navies with navigation radars for over 70 years. With the patented Kelvin Hughes SharpEye Technology, HENSOLDT UK pioneered the use of coherent pulse Doppler solid state technology in a low weight sensor configuration in 2006, allowing the standard navigation radar to be used for multiple tasks at the same time.

All HENSOLDT UK’s solid state radars contain SharpEye technology to deliver superior radar performance and reliability. SharpEye , the world’s first affordable navigation and surface search pulse Doppler radar sensor, offers high reliability, low cost of ownership and improved detection ranges, especially of small targets in clutter.

Our Portfolio:
Navigation Radars (X- and S-Band)
Submarine Radar
Integrated Naval Bridge System (INBS)
Coastal Surveillance Radars
Vessel Traffic Services

Kelvin Hughes Mk11 SharpEye- Naval Navigation Sensor

Kelvin Hughes Mk11 SharpEye radar technology meets the detection challenges of navies, coastguards and border agencies by providing high performance in all conditions as well as the flexibility to be optimised for specific detection needs.


Surface search
Helicopter control and recovery
Interface to camera systems
Bi-directional links to combat management system

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