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Integrated bridge electronics for commercial vessels, from small workboats to the largest ships.
Our bridge equipment provides the navigators with the capability to navigate safely, allowing the operator to clearly see targets in all weather conditions. All the technologies meet the latest IMO standards and international shipping require The bridge systems offer simplicity of operation.


New Integrated Navigation Systems:

HENSOLDT’s Kelvin Hughes Manta NEO is the next generation of Integrated Navigation
Systems. Building on its strong legacy, with an unparalleled understanding of customer
need, this latest innovation is the future of Kelvin Hughes INS platforms. Presenting the
bridge officers with the best possible situational analysis, using cutting edge technologies.
Navigators are at the heart of the design of Manta NEO.

A fully integrated, fully featured solution

With navigation systems becoming more and more complex and feature rich, HENSOLDT’s latest Kelvin
Hughes Manta NEO offering brings everything to a navigators fingertips. It represents the new vision for
HENSOLDT, reflecting evolving regulations and customer needs. Delivering essential information– where
needed, when needed – the system brings together the data and analysis required in a user friendly manner.
The system improves communication across the bridge team, allowing data to be shared seamlessly via
easy-to-use screens, views and menu structures. With the ability to automate routine tasks, crew workload
is managed more efficiently, allowing crew to focus on the safety of the vessel, its crew and its cargo.

Navigating the future

Offering the latest ARPA for target detection, solid-state X and S-Band radars provide unparalleled performance with data processing and fusion. The radar, ECDIS, conning displays, bridge alarm management and host of other capabilities, including Enhanced Target Detection (ETD) built into a single display, can be managed whilst removing optional and unnecessary items via simplified menu controls.
All radars include automatic continuous performance monitoring, connected via secure gateways, ensuring any equipment or sensor failures do not impact the critical navigation network.
This redesigned platform takes navigation back to its fundamental function – a critical collision avoidance tool.

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