Customer service does not start with the sale of a system, but long before
We provide a 24/7 service in Italy and abroad, through our technical staff but also using local partners. In many cases, our 24-hour service is able to solve problems even remotely, thanks to highly specialized technicians and thanks to our internal test field in which we have almost all the devices on board at our disposal. Also thanks to the latter we are able to test and configure eventual spare parts before each intervention, thus reducing the presence of the technician on board, and the resolution of the fault at the first intervention in 99% of cases, excluding the need for follow-up and additional costs for our customers.

Internal training center:
Our engineers are constantly updated on new products not only by participating in training courses at the parent company, but also in an internal quality program that allows us to share information and practical tests in our laboratory.

Spare parts

F. Fiorucci Srl has always considered after-sales support fundamental, we have always guaranteed a 24/7 service, for each device we have all the spare parts in order to carry out a single intervention to solve problems, and guarantee support. H24 for their fleets. Furthermore, to reduce maintenance costs, thanks to our internal test field, we are able to carry out software updates and system configurations before an intervention, thus the permanence on board and the final costs for customers. We are also able to regenerate monitors, scanners, gearboxes always for the benefit of economic savings.