The Fabio Fiorucci company s.r.l. undertakes to pursue a policy that places customer satisfaction at the center of activities; for business success it becomes important to provide services that meet your expectations.

The objectives set by Fabio Fiorucci s.r.l. I’m:

> attention to communication with the customer within the services offered;

> assure a competent and stable technical staff;

> control and, where possible, reduce the costs incurred by the Company.

The objectives are pursued by offering and adapting the processes to the particular needs identified, implicit and explicit, and monitoring the achievement of the commitments undertaken in the contract phase, with a view to assessing risks / opportunities.

The achievement of these objectives will be controlled through appropriate indicators, the detection of customer satisfaction and the analysis of complaints.

The company also undertakes to:

> meet the mandatory requirements and those required by the ISO 9001 standard, continuously improving the effectiveness of the implemented Quality System;

> Ensure that the Policy is appropriate to the purposes and context of the organization;

> introducing a risk-based approach into the company, aimed at identifying the causes of problems by promptly adopting the measures necessary for their prevention;

> Periodically check the performance achieved through the Quality System Review, reviewing the objectives;

> Continue the mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers / partners.

By achieving these objectives, we intend to create a company that increases its presence on the market and makes customer satisfaction the differentiating factor in a competitive market.